Water Fountains for Cats

Water fountains for cats come in some very cool varieties. We all know that cats aren’t big fans of water and they certainly don’t like to get wet but for some reason they love these water dispensers. They are quite mesmerized by running water which makes water fountains very helpful in keeping your cat hydrated. This is truly a great creation that brings the best of both worlds to your cat by keeping them interested and hydrated all at once.

Hammer Inside-Out Bubbler

There are a lot of cool water dispensers and dab rigs fountains out there for your feline friends. One of the all time favorites is the cats rule water fountain. It has a very unique design with a frog perched on top of the bowl with water flowing out of its mouth. This one will really turn heads when friends and relatives walk into your home. This unit has a couple of carbon filters that clean the water nicely before it is brought back out into the water bowl. It functions very well and is certainly a great choice for your cat.

If you have one of those finicky type cats the petmate ultra bubbler is the one for you. This water dispenser has a lot of really cool features. It keeps water at a cool, controlled temperature all the time. It also monitors water level and uses water from the reservoir to replenish when levels fall below a certain point. It also is great as you don’t have to refill it like a plain old water bowl. Last but not least the name ultra bubbler means that the fountain can oxygenate the water with tiny little bubbles that pop up a the surface which keeps the cats very involved with the water fountain. This is a really cool water dispenser that can keep your cat engaged.

Last but not least we have the Pioneer Feng Shiu Cats Drinking Fountain. This water fountain has a very cool design in the shape of a yin yang symbol. The design of this water fountain fits into almost any house décor and it has a replaceable charcoal filter for clean, pure healthy water. The unit is also dishwasher safe and has a 60 oz capacity.

As you can see there are some really cool fountains out there to choose from. They have the ability to keep cats engaged and keep them drinking water. These devices are very well thought out with the needs of the cat in mind. Not only do they provide water to the feline friend but also provide some great entertainment.

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