The Silver Phoenix is Rising Again

I wish I had a troy ounce of silver for every time I have encountered those questions on the net! Newsflash, the prestigious ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has set the standards for international currencies. Silver and gold are listed by the ISO as currencies. A fascinating quick resource for information regarding currency ISO 4217 is Wikipedia of course. Silver’s currency code is a combination of X and its chemical symbol AG; hence its currency code is XAG. Following the same logic, gold’s currency code is XAU. Each currency is assigned a 3 digit numeric code. Silver is currency number 961. Its standard is set at one ounce of silver. Therefore, Silver is an internationally recognized currency and not just a figment in the fervid imaginations of suburban gold bugs. In fact, I have even traded the XAG/USD currency pair at European brokerage houses and the XAU/USD at Go to and check it out. They are the only U.S. firm offering this incredible investment vehicle. It requires only about $200 per contract! But is silver money? Answer, NO. Rule of thumb, if you can’t buy a candy bar with it, it is not money.

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I can’t just drop into my local Starbucks and buy a large cinnamon dulce latte (expensive brew) with 35 silver cents. My barista would look at me like I had been smoking some of Ben Bernanke’s newly printed federal reserve notes in my Hope Bong (unfortunately, both are super abundant now). Yes, a cup of Joe at Starbucks would only cost 35 silver cents ($4.35 for a latte divided by the price of one once of silver on April cheap dab recyclers 9th, 2009 which was $12.35). In this crazy world of “regulated”2 fiat currencies (“legally” counterfeit monies), currently headed by red queen Ben Bernanke (off with all your heads dear readers), all currencies are volatile including silver. But silver has lost very little purchasing power relative to the toilet paper currencies (the founding fathers called it “rag money”) like the U.S. Dollar and the British Pound. Since 1913 when the U.S. Congress was manipulated into turning the Dollar over to the control of a private

banking cartel, it has lost more than 95 percent of its value. We gave them a Dollar whose purchasing power had stayed fairly stable (compared to paper money since 1913) for over a hundred years and they have given us back a few tarnished pennies. Fair exchange? Heck No! Those of you who are not logophobic are permitted, in the privacy of your own home, to use more appropriate harsher language. This is an outrage that warrants strong language and righteous anger. The purposeful debauching of our dollar is what is known as the alchemy of finance. We are currently experiencing the disastrous results of the monetary wizards (central banking cartels) trying to turn paper into gold. Great job guys. Yes, you Paul Volker and Sir Alan Greenspan3 (two previous monetary wizards who were crowned as red queens). Dear reader, next time you drop in to your local coffee shop (if you can afford to now) remember in 1913 a regular cup of Joe only cost around 5¢ to 10¢ (cents).

Step 2 Use Silver as a Unit of Account. The use silver as a “unit of account” can help protect you from what is known in the new science of behavioral finance as the “money illusion” (In subsequent articles I’ll demonstrate how this can give you X-ray financial vision). Get ready to take off those emerald glasses Dorothy.

Step 3 Mint a “coin metal” silver currency. Hint: real coin metal is 90 % silver and 10 % copper not that 99.9% tourist stuff that is currently being minted for the marks by most governments. Why mint coins that are 99.9% “pure”, because they KNOW you can’t use it as a currency because it isn’t durable enough! Wizard’s first rule – people are stupid. Let’s prove them wrong. Are you angry enough to do something?

In a culture where society is conceptualized due to the consideration of voluntary consumption of toxic things that entail soft drinks, booze, processed fast and frozen foods, concentrated substances and water/air pollution to name a few. Furthermore, these immense levels of toxins that we ingest on a daily basis put us out of our natural balance and this inability to be in balanced leads to serious health complications and relating diseases that no man would wishes on another. Furthermore, a couple ways to discount this highly toxic situation is to seek safe juicer detox recipes through free diet plans that can educate an individual on the measures that can be taking to combat this toxic epidemic.

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This next passage is a testimonial to the satisfaction that can happen based off the significant results of proper detoxification in respect to the change it inhibited today on the author’s life. Ten months ago the author was to put it bluntly fat, and highly toxic for a slew of reason ranging from substance abuse to fast food abuse. Additionally, the author scoured the globe for answers. He came upon the significant effects detoxification has on making an individual have more energy. Many moons passed and numerous meals slipped down into my stomach with antioxidant food concepts at their foundation. Since the beginning of this plan the author has shed fifty pounds of pure fat and the found his sole mate all because of effective detoxification supplementation. Lastly, don’t ever be content until you discover the right solutions to the health complications.

Lastly, the global economy and its effects in every day life have become significantly more toxic. This could be caused from the detrimental cheeseburger you ate with chili fries on the side. Or on a more serious note the thousands of addictive chemical agents found in the cigarette you sucked down after you finished lunch. Or on a more radical note all the additive masked ingredients from the marijuana you smoked at Jimbo Fishers beer bong tournament on Saturday night. Additionally, what is truth is that in order to discount almost constant illness from this type of environment people need to take detoxification habits seriously.