You’ve Stopped Smoking – But Where’s the Money?

You had tried them all. Pills, patches, prescriptions, candy, gum, exercise, diets, acupuncture, hypnosis, tapering-off, willpower and even those silly fake cigarettes. No joy! So you got a book from the library. It attempted to reassure you that all aspects of smoking were merely illusions. You checked the Web only to discover that they held seminars (more time, inconvenience and cost) and that they only claimed 51% success after one year. Forget that one.

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Eventually you found the right method. It worked Pax Era Pods for sale . You knew that you would never smoke again. Now to reap the rewards… improved health, life expectancy and money saved!

Then with a blinding flash of intuition, you knew with absolute certainty that the large amount of money you should be saving would not be there. Instead, the money you should be saving would get itself reabsorbed into other things, without you even being able to pinpoint what. At only $5.00 per day, you should have a cool $18,250 plus interest, in only ten years. At 5% interest compounded annually that grows to $24,100

Most people live right up to their means, meaning their expenses equal their net income, so that at the end of each year they have saved nothing. Many people go one worse, living beyond their means and racking up credit card and/or mortgage debt in horrifying amounts. Why? Because they do not have a system in place to help them ‘save money for a rainy day’, as the saying goes. Putting money aside not only to cover the unexpected setback, but also for ones old age has never been as important as now. This is because our life expectancy in the fortunate developed countries is steadily increasing. What is more, with the explosive development in genetic research, postponing death has changed from being an unlikely dream to a realistic probability in the not so distant future.

The most obvious saving system guaranteed to be successful is the one I call the BaSIC method, standing for Budget and Save, Invest, Consult. “That’s obvious,” you say, but as with almost anything in life, it all depends upon your interpretation of the four key words.

A final word of caution: the BaSIC method calls for a heavy dose of self-discipline which so many people interpret as a threat to their personal freedom. But it doesn’t have to be, so let’s begin!

We all love our lives more then anything else. We love to live for a long time and we love to stay healthy. And yet we often do things that would suggest the very opposite.

We wouldn’t buy food products that explicitly tell us they are bad for health, and we even check expiry dates. Whenever we buy fruit or vegetables we make sure they have been packaged and presented properly, and that it is fresh, because eating them slightly rotten could have health implications.

When we buy medicine we always keep it in a safe place, and we make sure not to consume medicine that is out of date, as it could turn slightly poisonous. And of course if we ever buy poison from a shop, it won’t be for ourselves, it’ll be for ridding us of mice, rats or flies or other things that harm our comfort and sometimes our health.

We are rather a health concerned people. We do exercise, we love our food and we like nice clean plates. But then, once our food is finished… we light up a cigarette. We take one after another. Once we have finished a packet we go to where the cigarettes are kept in the house. We like to keep enough of them so that we won’t run out. We carry them with us wherever we go. The packet is normally beautiful, and we usually ignore the “SMOKING KILLS” notice in large text on the front and back.

We claim to be an educated community. We claim to be clever people. We can read, and we can avoid most dangerous poisons… apart from this one. We actually enjoy this poison. It is our favorite poison. We know we may get cancer, yet we neglect the warning. The government would pay a lot of money for you on the NHS, and this could be the money you have paid the government as tax on your cigarettes all your life. So there may come a payback time.