Are games cause nerves disorders? How could that be? Let’s discuss and prove it! Games are something that many people in Indonesia are interested in, even this applies to students and adults. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money just to be able to enjoy playing games.

Many people have actually spent a lot of money for nothing just because playing games. And actually not only are they willing to spend money on games, but they are also willing to spend a lot of useless time just for a game dominoqq terpercaya . This is how games cause nerves disorders, where people play too many games without rest which brings fatigue to the body. Then if the body can no longer withstand the effects of this fatigue, the longer it can make the nerves disturbed.

A lot of news has been circulating out there that nerves are disturbed just because playing games for too long. And some even cause the world to be created simply by playing the game for too long. The person is reported to have been playing games for almost 24 hours without a break. This is what gamers must prevent, that playing games for too long will not be good for the body.

In addition to games, it turns out that people also play a lot of gambling at this time. Which is where gambling can actually damage nerves and create mental disorders, this is because most gamblers who experience defeat become frustrated.

In gambling itself there are many types of gambling with tempting but deceptive names such as the best poker, the greatest qiuqiu, or the domino99. And of course this must be avoided by students if they do not want to affect an achievement of students.

If you play too long the games cause nerves disorders to you. One way that students can do to prevent this is by limiting the time used to play games. Play the game for a maximum of 2 hours as recommended by experts, because that time is the perfect time to play games.


Playing games does not hurt as long as it does not interfere with your health and life. Games also sometimes give refreshing to your brain. Play it, but when you realize that the game cause nerves disorders to you and harming you, then start managing your time well.

Stop playing games if necessary when playing games starts to have negative effects such as wasting your time and money. Do not let you lose due to the game. It’s a good idea to use that free time to learn more new and positive things. But if you really don’t want to stop playing games, that’s okay but limit the time you use to play games.

Now you understand that games cause nerves disorders to you is s something real. Maybe you often read many cases where someone was mentally disturbed just because he had too many defeats. Of course, by stopping playing this game, you can prevent your nerves from being disturbed or even provide health for your body.

Stop playing games slowly by looking for other positive activities. Ask your family for help if you find it difficult to stop playing games that waste your free time