Yeast Infection Home Remedies – Cheap and Effective Treatments Found in Your Own Home

Are you one of the thousands of women who have given up on western medicine treatments of vaginal thrush? Did you know that 90% of women who take over the counter yeast infection drugs get vaginal yeast infections time and time again? Why is western medicine not helping them? The symptoms are certainly relieved in record time because the strong action of the antifungal chemicals kills any living thing in it’s path. But the causes of this painful condition are never addressed. Yeast infection home remedies are a far better alternative and you can do any or all of the following to relieve the symptoms naturally as well as helping to kill the overgrowth of candida in the body.

There are two natural and effective home remedies found right in your kitchen. Actually one of them will most likely be in your fridge right now and the other in your vegetable rack. Can you guess?

Yogurt and Garlic.

Only plain yogurt which contains actual live cultures will do the job right. This is because the live cultures contain good bacteria which help to repopulate your gut with some of the good guys. They help to get the bad guys, called Candida, under control. (that’s if the condition is a mild one). You coffee gift set hk can either eat the yogurt twice or three times a day or you can rub it onto your vaginal area. Just wear a pad in your underwear because as you can imagine it would be a bit messy.

Garlic is a natural antifungal. Many health and holistic practitioners recommend taking garlic capsules regularly anyway, because they have so many powerful healing properties. The actual garlic clove is also handy in that you pop just one clove into the vagina and leave it there. It is remarkable how quickly you will experience relief. If you can’t get your hands on garlic caps straight away, eat a whole clove too – although you might not like the smell!

A very overlooked and important remedy is that of controlling stress and anxiety in your lifestyle. Try to identify what is causing you stress and do something each day to tackle the problem. Get out of the house more often, surround yourself with positive people, make sure the house is full of light and air and keep relaxing music on in the background when you are home alone. Whatever you can do to create more of a relaxing environment will go a long way to helping you fight thrush. Stress causes a breakdown in immunity and unless you deal with it, you might be prone to many sicknesses.

Diet change. Yeast grows on sugar and processed carbohydrate foods. Can you think of any that you have been eating up to now? Do breads and pastries feature in your diet? What about sodas or fruit juices? Oh, and “healthy” snacks or sugar in your cofee and tea. Did you know that Americans eat 22 teaspoons of sugar a day? This statement comes from the American Heart Association (not me!). I know you didn’t think that you eat that much sugar but if you really observe exactly what you are putting into your mouth each day, you will be amazed to see how much of it is sugar.