Talk Dirty to Him and Make Him Want More

As much as we hate to admit it ladies, the old bedroom routine can get a little dull. That’s not to say that your heart doesn’t still skip a beat when you see your man, it’s just that things become a little choreographed in the bedroom. Choreography is great for dance routines, not so great to physical intimacy (unless you’re a porn start and that’s a can of worms I won’t open). Sometimes you just need to breathe a little more life into your sex routine. The good news is that this is completely normal and nothing to feel ashamed of. Think of it this way: If you’re no longer having fun during sex with your man, one of the most important purposes of it is defeated. So how do you get things sizzling again? Simple: Talk dirty to him!

Okay, I’ll admit that there hasn’t really been many scientific studies done on this, although judging by the conversations men have and some of the concerns and questions I’ve heard, it’s safe to say that most men really love it when their woman throws out a few red hot words to them Shibuya Kaho . The problem most women face is knowing what exactly to say. If you haven’t used dirty talk before, it could really seem like you’ve been thrown into a forgotten foreign language and you may feel lost, or even embarrassed.

The best remedy for feelings of insecurity is to just take things slowly at first. There’s no rush to reach amateur porn star status. Start off with low-risk suggestions if you’re not sure how your man may react. Give him suggestive glances, letting your eyes linger a few seconds too long on a particular body part that you admire. You don’t have to be overt because he’ll usually pick up on things pretty fast.

Words are powerful, but so are sounds. Walk over to your man, give him a hug, then moan softly. Even dinner time can be a chance to talk dirty to him. Suggestively comment on how hot, spicy, salty, sweet, or tangy the meal is. Combined with glances and softly uttered sounds, your man will be putty in your hands. Just be careful here. Knowing what not to say can be every bit important as knowing what to say.

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