Silk Sheet and Comforters – The Properties of Natural Fiber

Silk comforters and sheets have existed for thousands of years and have hundreds of different myths, stories, and legends about the product. Moreover, it has become synonymous with the sexy culture of lingerie and luxurious appeal of the overtly wealthy.

Why Should You Consider Buying Silk Bedding Over Other Fabrics?

However, with mass production and a global economy, the natural fiber has become available to a wider audience, though it is still more expensive than cotton, wool, and synthetic bedding Pure Silk Bedding . However, some individuals might be considering buying the fiber, and these individuals should know the wonderful properties and slight downside to silk sheets and comforters.

It is strong and durable. It is on of the strongest natural fibers available, and it has been used to produce parachutes and bulletproof vest – a far cry from the world of intimate apparel. The filaments are resistant to abrasions; therefore, individuals will not have problems with tearing because of sharp corners or carelessness. These properties give silk bedding a lifetime expectancy of twenty years or more if cared for properly.

It is beautiful and can be dyed into thousands of vibrant colors, and the natural shine of the product reflects light, producing a wondrous luster that has captivated mankind for generations. Also, it is resistant to wrinkling, guaranteeing a clean, lustrous look.

Of course, when it does wrinkle, it can be difficult to rid the material of the wrinkles. The fibers can be damaged from the heat of irons; therefore, it is best to iron or steam the material using low heat. It can also be damaged with repeated washing, and it is recommended to dry clean some products because some of it is susceptible to shrinkage. If dry cleaning is not an option, pre-test a sample of the material in the wash and use mild detergents. This can make the product a hassle for some individuals.

Buyers should know that it could yellow with too much direct contact with sunlight or any contact with bleach. Therefore, buyers should not use it to cover beds in sunrooms or hammocks or ceiling-less homes.

Yet it does not require much cleaning or upkeep. The product is naturally hypoallergenic, and the natural properties of the filament make it resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, and fungi. It does not absorb odors. Therefore, it should smell the same ten years after you buy it. So few things retain their smell.

In fact, some myths have suggested that the amino acids within the fiber help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote healthy human hair. There is little to no scientific evidence for these claims. However, it should be noted that sleeping on natural fibers compared to the oil based synthetic fibers in some bedding material does make many individuals feel better. If you want an all-natural product, it can help an individual obtain all natural bedding.

While these are amazing properties, these are not the reasons anyone buys silk. It is bought because of its unique feel. It is soft, smooth, and sleek without the slippery feeling of an iced sidewalk. The users will not slip out of bed and cascade towards the ground, and it is always a positive attribute of any product that does not awaken the user in such a rude manner.

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