Lagrange Point Hospitals for Bone Diseases, Arthritis, and Other Ailments

Lagrange points are those areas of gravitational equilibrium which occur due to the mass of two bodies counteracting each other. Yes, there are other forces often involved that help create these equilibriums, but I’d like to discuss how we might use this in the future to help humans with diseases and ailments. There are several diseases, and challenges that people have in older age as their bones seem to fuse together or the toll of old age plus gravity makes it tough for them to get around.

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The privatization of space presumes that there will be space hotels, space exploration, base stations, and human colonies on other planets, and on rotating platforms to simulate gravity. It would make sense that the rotating platforms were a little less than the current amount of gravity here on Earth, especially for retirement homes because it would allow people to perhaps live longer if this were done correctly. It has been theorized that a good place to put a space hotel would be in a Lagrange point, but what if we put Hospitals at Lagrange points too F95zone ?

These hospitals could specialize in dealing with clients that have bone diseases, arthritis, or other serious and similar ailments. It would also be great for rehabilitation for certain types of bone surgery, as it would take the pressure and weight off the bones as they healed. A Lagrange point in space might be perfect for this, and since they already exist, and since we are already planning colonies in space, it certainly makes sense to go ahead with this process, and plan for the future of healthcare for humans.

That’s right, healthcare, and hospitals in space. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this, and look forward into the future, because I am quite certain that we will have Hospitals at Lagrange points by the year 2100. Think on it.