Business Casual for Women

If you are like the majority of business women today, your wardrobe is probably pretty basic and consists of the basic business suit, a conservative blouse and a suitable jacket or blazer for work. But even if you are at work you can still be fashionable and choose an up to the minute style for work. Business casual for women already includes a skirt or dress, a suitable jacket or blazer for work and a pair of shoes. The following business casual for women do’s and don’t list should help make your business casual wardrobe more current and fun.

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Skirts and dresses. One great way to be different and create a unique look is to choose skirts and dresses that are more business casual. You can choose bright, colourful printed skirts with a v-necked top or a more simple, plain, solid coloured dress slacks. Choose colours that make you stand out but not so much that you look over-dressed. Also, wear a colour or pattern that you would wear to a wedding, not to a work environment! vay nu cong so

Trousers and gottsman. If you are going to be wearing suits or business casual attire to an outdoor function, you’ll want to select items of formal footwear. Forgo heels, sandals or other fashion accessories as these will only detract from your professional image. Select styles such as stitching, reinforced leather, rubber soles or dress shoes with no rubber treads. Dressy blazers are also an option if you are not keen on boots or casual shoes. Look for slip-on styles in fabrics that are light and comfortable.

Jeans and trousers. When choosing business casual attire, opt for loose fitting pants and jeans rather than dressy, skinny ones. The colours you choose for your pants and jeans should complement each other and have a minimum of casual tendencies.

Dress shoes. One important item of business casual attire is a good pair of dress slacks and a matching, if not identical, shirt. The shirt should be a button down shirt and it is optional to wear a necktie. You can coordinate your dress shoes to your dress slacks in terms of colours and styles.

Denim jeans and a t-shirt. The basis of business casual is to dress less and be more casual. You can do this even if you are going to a job interview or a board meeting since you will be in a business environment. The key is to select a skirt and top that you would normally wear to work in a business casual setting. You can add accessories like a sports jersey or a tennis shoe to complete the look.