Graduate School Education Options

Undergraduate education is academic training carried out before postgraduate study and after secondary educational training. It usually includes all presecondary courses up to the degree of a Bachelor’s degree. The courses are intended for students who are pursuing Bachelor’s degrees such as Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. They are also available for students who are pursuing doctorate studies. The courses offered in premedical, premed, prebiotics, preclinical and allied health degrees are part of the college degree system.

Types of Degrees and College Education Programs for Students

A variety of professional careers may be opened after completion of an associate degree program. Careers include health care management, teaching, nursing, administrative assistant, information technology, business administration and law enforcement. Students can earn either a two-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science or a four-year program resulting to a Bachelor of Arts. The course work normally includes coursework in science, mathematics, physical science and engineering, as well as literature and culture. Students can specialize in certain areas to earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts

With an undergraduate degree program, students have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of career options. These include healthcare, business administration, information technology, human services and education. An increasing number of colleges, universities and technical/trade schools offer professional certification programs focus on liberal arts.

Professional certification programs focus on bachelor’s degrees in fields that are related to nursing. For example, one might acquire credits in English Composition, Math and Statistics in order to become a registered nurse (RN). Those who are interested in acquiring credits in the science department could take up courses like Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Upon graduation, they would be able to apply the credits towards earning their master’s degree in nursing. This type of program enables one to specialize in a specific field of medicine and pursue post-graduate studies in the same discipline.

Business administration degrees are ideal for those who would like to open their own business. Some examples of business administration degrees include Accounting, Finance, CPA, MA, MBA and Public Administration. Some colleges and universities also offer Master’s degrees in Business Administration. Individuals who already hold a master’s degree in business administration can pursue a graduate degree in order to broaden their horizons. As business administration is such a large part of the business world, individuals with a master’s degree are often promoted to senior management positions.

In terms of graduate school education options, those interested in teaching may also consider online learning. Online graduate schools and colleges allow students to pursue graduate level education at their own pace. Students can pursue Master’s degrees in Education, Counseling, Teacher Education and Policy, Social Work and Liberal Arts. There are many colleges that offer online Master’s degree programs, and many of them offer a higher level of accreditation than traditional on campus programs. Those pursuing a doctorate degree can pursue an online Master’s in Education, Counseling, Teacher Education and Policy, Social Work and Liberal Arts.