Weight Loss Supplements-Warning

Overweight is a problem of millions. But for the moment we just got several medicines for the treatment of obesity that were officially approved. Nature abhors the vacuum, so weight loss market is currently imbued with different weight loss supplements.

The great amount of these “magic” pills, claiming perfect tweaking our body to lose huge amounts of weight, are no more than simple laxatives Revitaa pro. We are likely to disrupt our gut organisms with the help of such “magic”. And losing weight with laxatives actually seems pretty difficult.

Another kind of weight loss supplements we better stay away from are pills containing mood-altering and super potent components. Most dangerous to our health are so called “Thai pills” that are now banned in many countries. They can really suppress our appetite. But its action goes beyond simple appetite suppression. Since it contain at least a couple of narcotic drugs, these pills make our memory worse, disrupt calcium metabolism and affect our cardiovascular system.

Medication, as we know, should treat a man. Some manufacturers of weight loss supplements love to claim that their remedy for weight loss is nevertheless a real drug, but it’s called “supplement” for the only reason – it’s all natural.

Can this statement be an argument? We know, Socrates was poisoned with hemlock – the very natural herb yet fatal for a man. Any biological dictionary now filled with description of dozens of herbs that are fatal for man. So “natural” does not mean “healthy” and effective.

Ephedra – Chinese herb in origin. In the check list of raw material used in narcotic manufacture ephedra often features side by side with opium poppy and cannabis. Its “curative” effect is attributed to stimulating blowout of adrenaline into the bloodstream, leading to boosting metabolism and breakdown of fat. The price for such blowout is rising of blood pressure, or hypertension.

A good deal of dietary supplements promise tonic action. Among them there are ginseng, eleuterococus, chinese magnolia-vine, pantocrine. Using these components enhance energy expenditure, hence increasing our diet effect. But the most serious result is achieved by those components in the sphere of rising hypertension and heart acceleration.

There are weight loss supplements with coffein. Coffein is known to stimulate energy expenditure and thus enhance expense of fat mass. However, coffein increases load on our heart and may cause rising blood pressure as well. It is also known that coffein boost our appetite. So it seems we have a coterie here.

There are also vitamins that participate in fat oxidizing, like ascorbic acid and B vitamins. But actually polyvitaminic supplements used for this purpose may contain some vitamins that block breakdown of fat; these can be PP vitamin or nicotinic acid.