Tips and Tricks for Great Curb Appeal for Sellers

If you have recently decided to sell your home, you may be spending a great deal of your time focusing on the interior and maybe not enough time looking at the exterior of the home. You are likely aware that when interested buyers find your listing online or via their real estate agent they want to do a drive-by first, before ever speaking with you. When they drive by your home, what are they going to see? Are they going to see a breathtaking landscape, beautiful shutter colors and a well maintained property or are they going to see a place that could use some serious updating? Go outside right now and take a look at the outside of your home, really look at it and decide for yourself what a prospective buyer will think. If you’re not sure about curb appeal, allow us to offer some suggestions!

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• A fresh coat of paint is a fairly inexpensive way to update the exterior of your home buy weed online in NY. Even if you have siding or brick, the paint of your porch, shutters, front door and garage door can make a bigger difference than you may think. Choose a color scheme that is trendy and popular right now but that also lends itself well to the style of your home.

• Landscape is definitely next on the list when it comes to importance. Maybe you are not a green thumb and have no interest in gardening but the overall appearance of great landscape can draw in any type of buyer even if your home is not really what they had in mind. Find some help when it comes to choosing the right plants, colors, sizes and of course landscape design to help boost the appeal of both your front and backyard. Remember there are many plants out there which are gorgeous that require little to no maintenance.

• Clean windows and a clean yard cannot be forgotten. Once you have your home up for sale you must imagine that people are constantly driving by to look at it so always keep your yard clean. This means no toys in the driveway, no yard tools lying on the lawn and you want to always have clean and sparkling windows; it makes a difference.

• Keep an eye on weeds and overgrown trees that may be distracting potential buyers from the view of your home. Trim back the trees and eliminate the weeds that may be growing in the cracks of your sidewalk, driveway or porch.

• Lastly, be aware of the garden accessories you have in your yard. Make sure they complement the home and are few. You don’t want to have so many things in your garden that it becomes tacky.