Credit Card IVR System – Making Life Easier With Smart Phones

You must have just came back from a long holiday on some remote island, or just recovered from a deep coma, if you have not heard about all the latest technologies for smart phones that is being so much written about.

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iPhone has some impressive designs that suits the masses, and it is readily accepted by today’s consumers. In just the first three days after its introduction, more than a million 3G iPhones were shipped Realme X7 Max 5G.

In the past 1 and a ½ years, the App Store brought in almost 140,000 applications for the iPhone, giving maximum focus on personal users, and the process is still going on. Most of the market share of the corporate users is still enjoyed by RIM’s Blackberry. However, the iPhone is making its mark gradually. Others like Google, Palm are also trying hard to get hold of some market share.

The truth is, a voice recognition software can even work with (I hesitate to even mention it!) your old analog phone, if you still own one. So, how will IVR software for these kind of phones work?

Previously, smart phone applications combined both integrated web solutions and speech recognition. It delivered the voice information along with the display to be read or stored to see it later. In the coming future, maybe we will be able to use IVR speech commands to transfer information to the web session of a smart phone that can be seen later when interacting with IVR systems.

So, what is the launch time of IVR applications for these handsets? People have already started to compete for business applications. What about constructing mobile phones that will send messages to other smart phones without preparing specific messages for different devices? Beta testing has already begun and the software is due early 2011. Smart phones it seems are getting smarter…!