3 Ways to Keep Your Internet Business Site Google Friendly

When you are practicing internet marketing for your own online business or an affiliate marketing business, you need to know what is referred to as white hat techniques when it comes to marketing. There are many websites that get banned by the Google search engines because they do not use these techniques and instead resort to what is known as black hat techniques.

Getting your site banned from Google can be very detrimental to your internet business. This can curtail a great deal of your traffic as a good 60 percent of your internet traffic will come from the search engines. Here are 3 ways that you can get your internet business website banned from Google and how to avoid this from happening Black hat forum:

1. Do not use keyword stuffing in your content

Having a website that is filled with keywords that do not make sense and are designed just to capture the attention of the search engines have the opposite effect. Such poor content on your website can get your site banned from the Google search engine. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure your content does employ the use of keywords, but in a natural way and not too densely. You want to have the keywords used about three times every 400 words or so.

2. Do not use link farms to post links to your site

While you want to have as many links to your site as possible on the internet, you need to have them distributed naturally. Link farms are sites that allow you to post them, usually for a fee. These are not picked up by the Google search engines. If you have thousands of them at link farms, Google can penalize your website in standing or can ban it from the search engines. Use natural distribution of links through press releases and articles in order to build up your standing in the Google search engine and beware of link farms.

3. Do not do any forum spamming

This will get your site banned from the forums and can also get your site banned from the Google search engines. Spamming is posting unwanted links all over the internet in places where they are not appropriate. Again, you want to distribute links so that the distribution is natural. You can use forum link posting, but in a natural way that will not violate the Terms Of Service of the site hosting the forums.

You can be very successful at your internet marketing abilities if you follow white hat techniques. Whether you are using a marketing company or doing your own internet marketing, you should avoid black hat techniques so that you do not end up getting your internet business website tossed off of the Google search engine.