Arm Yourself With Knowledge to Get the Best Car Rental Rates

Assuming that you are forgiving of the title, which business would you say is the best overall rental car company? Opinions from a recent Gallup-poll indicated that among the dozen major players in the game, customers are pretty much evenly split. The fact alone probably does not tell you much about which establishment could be the best car rental company. So, prepare yourself. Besides the top dozen or so major car rental companies, it is a pretty good assumption that you did not know that there are over a hundred different brands out there. Determining the “best” rental car company to patronize all of a sudden just became more daunting! Fear not, though.

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Back in the days of old, rental cars were mostly used for leisure. Overall revenues were pretty mild, and only a handful of rental car companies existed. Then came the automotive version of the “rental revolution”. Suddenly, rentals were being used much more for purposes such as business travel and other activities besides vacationing. As of 2009, the rental car industry raked in over 23 billion dollars-that is billion, with a B Miami lambo rental.

It also used to be true that most car rental kiosks were located in or around an airport. These days it is a pretty well-known fact that more urban and suburban car rental companies are much more popular than even the best rental car company that an airport may offer. Why is this, you might ask? Better deals are more often than not found in rental establishments that are not part of or adjacent to an airport. One part of the reason is because many states tax the rental kiosks at airports heavier than others.

Okay, so you have found the best deal that you think is hands-down, bar-none. Hold on, tiger! Have you checked out web sites like consumer reports and the local Better Business Bureau? Have you read through the fine-print thoroughly? Also, be aware that in addition to the base rental fees, rental car dealers are notorious for tacking on additional fees, which in turn, mean additional taxes-sometimes to the tune of 30% of greater. Keep a few tips from an experienced rental car guru in mind:

• Inquire about any extra costs that could be associated with your rental, such as the “airport-concession” fees I referred to earlier

• Ask that the agent at the rental car company if there are any excise and additional sales tax fees attached to the price

• Of course, the timer is punched down as soon as you sign for the car. Make sure you know exactly when to turn the car back in, as many people think that an hour or two should not be a problem; perhaps this is true sometimes, but you will likely be paying another full day of use for just that extra hour. Do not risk it.

The best rental car company is going to be one that offers you the best overall product and service. Price is usually one of the most important factors; however, if you can avoid it, do not sacrifice great service and reliable cars just for a really cheap ride. The best rental car companies will step-up and do things to get your business, such as finding you any applicable coupons, being as transparent in the billing as possible, and showing that they really value your business and want you to return.