Attention Getting Cover Letters to Land That Job Interview

Writing cover letters is a strategy of words and thoughts being conveyed to a prospective employer.

If you’ve hastily typed up a cover letter, it quite often ends up in the shredder. The resume is data, but the cover letter is your voice. Whether you are a graduate, professional or executive, a well crafted cover letter can give you the edge when it comes to getting interviews.

A resume submitted with a good cover letter is so much more professional than one without. A good cover letter should highlight your core skills, answer the question: “Why should I see you”, and generate enough interest for them to read your CV.

In a sense, a well written covering letter works like an agent on your behalf. Taking the time to write a compelling letter tells the employer you are willing to go above and beyond; not just simply slap a resume in an envelope and mail it.

The competition is intense in the job market these days and so it has become very important to have the benefit of an eye catching cover letter. No two letters should ever be the same; each one should be uniquely tailored to the job for which you are applying. A generic cover letter is insulting to an employer and will quickly find its way into the trashcan.

Resume cover letters should discuss how you can help the employer, not about why you need the job. The cover letter is meant to compliment it and not simply restate what is already written in your resume. Remember to keep your cover letters to one page, preferably about four short paragraphs. Proofread your cover letters and then ask someone else to proofread as well.

It’s not always possible to include everything you want in your resume, but you can discretely slip in some important facts into your cover letter.


Following a few simple rules can help your resume cover letters stand out from all the rest and get you in the door for an interview and on your way to that great new job.
There are certain keywords and phrases that need to be included in your cover letter.

Resume cover letters are your sales person, sign and attention getter. If you don’t get the attention of the hiring person, your resume may not even get read.

How To Develop A Strategy For The Interviewer

You must have action words that show accomplishment with specific data to prove a point. You also must have passion coming from off the page of your letter into the face of the person reviewing your letter and resume.

What Is Your One Key Objective In Your Cover Letter?

You’re one and only objective in your cover letter is to get an interview. You also want your resume read, but mainly you want to get your foot into the door.

The cover letter is a presell for you because you are going to sell cover letter template yourself once you land the interview.

Your cover letter is the first thing the hiring person sees. You know that first impressions are lasting impressions, you therefore must make you best impression in your cover letter.

Is There Creativity In Your Cover Letter?

What are you doing different than all the other applicants sending in resumes? That’s what you must ask yourself.

Like all ads you read, there must be an attention grabbing headline filled with passion. You also must show your creativity and uniqueness in the body of the letter.

Lastly, you must make a hard hitting ending so your letter stands out in the mind of the person reading your letter.

Passion, creativity and a hard hitting ad is what you’re aiming for in your cover letter. These are just a few ingredients to get your name noticed with a higher than average possibility for an interview

Resume cover letters are selling documents, used to sell you as an employee to a potential hiring manager. Your cover letters are a key part of the equation in getting that dream job you want. They also are a valuable resource in getting your resume noticed & winning an invitation to the job interview.