Options For Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

As conventional over-the-counter arthritis medicines Vioxx and Celebrex come into the limelight for all the wrong reasons, sufferers are looking at alternate methods of treatment. This means that there is a growing trend to learn about natural arthritis pain relief. Eating better quality, healthy food and exercising regularly also count as natural methods of arthritis pain relief.

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With conventional arthritis medicines Vioxx and Celebrex coming under fire, more and more arthritis sufferers want to know about their choices for natural arthritis pain relief. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly also counts as natural arthritis pain relief, but it is not as popular in these times and does not address immediate pain. While pursuing any of these natural arthritis pain relief choices, you should also exercise regularly and eat a varied, healthy diet. Please don’t use this article as a substitute for actual professional medical advice. Everybody’s arthritis is not the same Buy Tapentadol Online.


This school of healing takes as its motto “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” By taking a tiny bit of a natural substance – usually an herbal tincture – you can inoculate your body against certain pains and ailments. Homeopathy is a popular and nearly conventional healing system in Europe. You can buy homeopathic remedies over the counter in any English chemist (pharmacy). However, don’t start popping these natural arthritis pain relief concoctions. They are powerful. Treat them with respect. You need to visit a qualified homeopathic healer before so you know what family of medicines to concentrate on. Unfortunately, most homeopathic remedies or office visits are not covered by current medical insurance plans.


There are many touted arthritis supplements available over the counter, in pharmacies, health stores, major grocery stores, department stores and on line. Many are a mix of traditional herbal medicines, which include herbs, minerals and natural or synthetic body chemicals. Some have been around so long they have an excellent record of bringing genuine natural arthritis pain relief. These are to be taken for long-term goals and not as a substitute for painkillers. The best ones are fish oils and glucosamine. The latter is expensive, but very effective.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have to medically trained for years and need a license in order to practice. They often include a combination of acupuncture and herbs. They are American trained healers as well as Chinese trained ones. None is considered better than the other. Check with your health insurance – more and more, acupuncture is sometimes partially covered. You might need to try conventional medicines and therapies and prove they don’t work for you before you can get financial coverage. You’ll need repeated appointments – just one won’t cure your arthritis. Acupuncture is often a great relief for arthritic dogs, who often fall asleep during treatment.