Is Setting a Spa Pool Indoors a Good Idea?

There are various reasons why a homeowner may prefer to set a spa pool indoors. These include harsh outdoor climate and greater convenience. It is a fact, however, that setting up such a facility indoors is more challenging. Find out more about this decide whether it is the right option for you.

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Meeting the Requirements

There is a set of requirements, which have to be met, in order for a spa pool to be installed indoors. Firstly, you need to have sufficiently large space for the pool. You have to be able to run the required piping and cabling. You need to check with an architect and an engineer whether and how the facility can fit wholesale pipes.

You have to provide for proper drainage as well. The floor must be waterproof, slip-resistant and easy to clean. This is necessary since approximately three litres of water spill out of a standard-sized pool of this type when people get out.

Since the water inside typically has higher temperature compared to the air temperature in the room, you have to provide effective ventilation. Most indoor spaces will require one vent fan, but other solutions may be appropriate as well. Even with good ventilation steam will still come out of the pool and fill the room. Given this, the room must have walls which do not absorb water and which are resistant to water damage and mould. In order to minimise the amount of steam which comes out, you can heat the room.

The Available Options

You can choose to set up a traditional spa pool indoors or a portable model. The portable model seems to be the easier solution as you can set it up in any room of the house with sufficient free space. However, you will have to deal with the setup more frequently. Besides, you sill have to ensure that the flooring, walls and ventilation are as required. The setup of a fixed model requires more time and effort and a larger investment, but once it is ready for use, it will require only maintenance. Furthermore, you can expect the whole system to be more reliable and durable as well.

Alternatives to Consider

One alternative to setting a spa pool indoors is to build a special enclosure for this facility. The enclosure will be built especially to meet the requirements outlined above. It can be connected directly to the house. It can also have extra features such as sliding roof. This option may be more cost-efficient compared to the indoor setup.